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Welcome to the Resource Centre

We make it our mission to work with advocates in civil society, business and government to address inequalities of power, seek remedy for abuse, and ensure protection of people and planet.

Both companies and impacted communities thank us for the resources and support we provide.

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Thank you,
Phil Bloomer, Executive Director

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We welcome your comments, responses to items on our site, and suggested additions. 

general email: contact [at] business-humanrights.org


2-8 Scrutton Street, 2nd floor, London EC2A 4RT, United Kingdom

telephone: +44 (20) 7636-7774

fax: +44 (20) 7636-7775

Phil Bloomer, Executive Director: bloomer [at] business-humanrights.org

Adam Barnett, Communications Officer: barnett [at] business-humanrights.org

Alex Guy, Digital Officer: guy [at] business-humanrights.org 

Alysha Khambay, Labour Researcher: khambay [at] business-humanrights.org

Ana Zbona, Civic Freedoms & Human Rights Defenders Project Manager: zbona [at] business-humanrights.org

Evie Clarke, KnowTheChain Research Assistant: clarke [at] business-humanrights.org

Felicitas Weber, KnowTheChain Project Lead: weber [at] business-humanrights.org

Isobel Archer, Gulf Project Assistant: archer [at] business-humanrights.org

Joe Bardwell, Senior Officer - Corporate Accountability & Communications: bardwell [at] business-humanrights.org

Katarzyna Cisicka, Finance Assistant: cisicka [at] business-humanrights.org


Maja Janjic, Office Coordinator & Assistant to Executive Director: janjic [at] business-humanrights.org

Marta Narolewska, Junior Finance Assistant: narolewska [at] business-humanrights.org

Mayisha Begum, Labour Research Assistant: begum [at] business-humanrights.org

Patricia Carrier, UK Modern Slavery Act Registry Project Manager: carrier [at] business-humanrights.org

Rosie Monaghan, KnowTheChain Researcher: monaghan [at] business-humanrights.org

Tanika West, Europe Development Manager: west [at] business-humanrights.org

Teresa Torres Maestro, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Officer: torresmaestro [at] business-humanrights.org


New York

110 Wall Street,  New York, NY 10005

telephone: +1 (212) 564 9160

fax: +1 (212) 202 7891

Christen Dobson, Senior Project Lead & Researcher: dobson [at] business-humanrights.org 

Niki Meyers, Administrative & Program Support Officer: brewer [at] business-humanrights.org

Patricia Surak, Senior Development Director: surak [at] business-humanrights.org

Maysa Zorob, Corporate Legal Accountability Program Manager: zorob [at] business-humanrights.org


Marti Flacks, Deputy Director, North America: flacks [at] business-humanrights.org 

Annie Signorelli, Project Manager for Renewable Energy and Human Rights: signorelli [at] business-humanrights.org

Bobbie Sta. Maria, Director for Labour Rights and Asia: stamaria [at] business-humanrights.org


Alex Janczenia, Development Officer: janczenia [at] business-humanrights.org 

Amy Sinclair, Researcher & Representative for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific: sinclair[at]business-humanrights.org


Julia Mello Neiva, Senior Brazil, Portugal & Portuguese-speaking Africa Researcher & Representative: neiva [at] business-humanrights.org


Amanda Romero Medina, Senior South America Researcher & Representative: romero [at] business-humanrights.org

Tania Correa-Bohórquez, Researcher: correa [at] business-humanrights.org

Lina López-Ruiz,  Research assistant: lopez [at] business-humanrights.org

Juan-Diego Espinosa-Prieto, Junior Research Assistant: espinosa [at] business- humanrights.org

Omaira Zamora, Accountant: zamora [at] business-humanrights.org

Lorena Luengas, Administrator: luengas [at] business-humanrights.org


Mauricio Lazala, Deputy Director & Head of Europe Office: lazala [at] business-humanrights.org

Johannes Blankenbach, EU/Western Europe Researcher & Representative: blankenbach [at] business-humanrights.org

Saskia Wilks, Research Assistant on Labour Rights and Western Europe: wilks [at] business-humanrights.org

Hong Kong, China:

Lowell Chow, East Asia Researcher & Representative: chow [at] business-humanrights.org


Betty Yolanda, Asia Regional Manager: yolanda [at] business-humanrights.org


Alia Hindawi, Jordan and Lebanon Project Manager: hindawi [at] business-humanrights.org

Farah Al Tarazi, Research Assistant - Jordan and Lebanon: al_tarazi [at] business-humanrights.org 


Joseph Kibugu, Eastern Africa Researcher & Representative: kibugu [at] business-humanrights.org

Sanyu Awori, Project Lead for Workers’ Empowerment: awori [at] business-humanrights.org


Karen Hudlet, Mexico,  hudlet [at] business-humanrights.org

Melissa Ortiz Massó, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean Researcher & Representative: ortiz [at] business-humanrights.org

Hannah Matthews, Research Assistant: matthews [at] business-humanrights.org


Golda S. Benjamin, Southeast Asia Researcher & Representative: benjamin[at]business-humanrights.org

Jose Jello Cubelo, Southeast Asia Research Assistant: cubelo[at]business-humanrights.org


Aliou Diouf, Francophone Africa Researcher & Representative: diouf [at] business-humanrights.org

South Africa:

Manson Gwanyanya, Anglophone Southern & Western Africa Researcher & Representative: gwanyanya [at] business-humanrights.org


Salma Houerbi, MENA Regional Researcher and Respresentative: houerbi [at] business-humanrights.org


Ella Skybenko, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Researcher & Representative: skybenko [at] business-humanrights.org