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Wal-Mart Donates $2.5 Million In Response to Hurricanes Ike and Gustav – Wal-Mart, 16 Sep 2008: Responding to the hurricanes that have swept through Louisiana and Texas, Wal-Mart announces today a $2.5 million commitment to assist with relief efforts. In addition to continuing product donations, such as water, food, and hygiene products, the contributions announced today will support…the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and Feeding America.


Marathon, ExxonMobil Donate Funds to Hurricane Victims – Convenience Store News [USA], 16 Sep 2008: …Marathon Oil Corp…will contribute $1.5 million to the American Red Cross. The majority of the donation, $1 million, is set aside for Hurricane Ike related efforts, while $500,000 will be put toward Hurricane Gustav efforts… Exxon Mobil Corp. will donate $5 million for disaster relief assistance to the American Red Cross, the United Way, the Salvation Army and the Texas Disaster Relief Fund. Monies will be used to support communities along the Gulf coast.


Kraft Foods Builds on Tradition of Giving by Feeding Gulf Coast Families Affected by Hurricane Ike – Kraft Foods, 15 Sep 2008: Kraft announced it will donate $250,000 in humanitarian aid to support the victims of Hurricane Ike. The donation consists of $100,000 in cash and $50,000 in products to the American Red Cross, and $100,000 in products to Feeding America...The cash donation is expected to feed approximately 7,000 hurricane victims seeking food, shelter and comfort.


The Home Depot Foundation Donates $1 Million to Hurricane Ike Recovery and Rebuilding Efforts – Home Depot, 15 Sep 2008: The funding will be used for three programs…$200,000 to the American Red Cross for immediate recovery aid for Houston and the communities along the Gulf coast of Texas…$100,000 in clean-up materials for locally organized, community volunteer efforts, including the activation of Team Depot, the Company's associate volunteer program…$700,000 to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) for rebuilding efforts in communities affected by Hurricane Ike.


Nestle Waters North America Contributes to Hurricanes Ike and Gustav Disaster Relief Effort - Nestle Waters North America, 15 Sep 2008: Nestle Waters North America [part of Nestle] has donated more than 350,000 half-liter bottles of [water]…to citizens and disaster relief workers affected by Hurricane Ike. The bottled water will also aid on-going relief efforts in areas recovering from Hurricane Gustav.


español - Los tortuosos caminos de la ayuda para Haití y Cuba – Miami Herald, 14 septiembre 2008: En cuanto a Cuba…el embargo puede asustar a algunos que de otro modo estarían dispuestos a ayudar. Tom Cooper, de Gulfstream Air en el sur de la Florida, decidió ayudar a…llevar alimentos y leche en polvo a Cuba. Su compañía lleva vuelos fletados diariamente a la isla pero no está seguro sobre el envío de asistencia humanitaria Sus abogados están investigando si a la empresa se le permite entregar esos suministros.


Aid's path to Haiti, Cuba is fraught with obstacles – Miami Herald, 13 Sep 2008: …[T]he U.S. embargo on Cuba…can spook individuals who are otherwise inclined to help. Tom Cooper, of South Florida's Gulfstream Air, has agreed to help…take food and powdered milk to Cuba. His company operates daily charter flights to the island, but is uncertain about taking relief shipments. His lawyers are checking on whether the company is allowed to deliver aid supplies.


español - Dona empresa china 100 mil euros a Cuba para recuperación –El Financiero [México], 13 septiembre 2008: La empresa china fabricante de ómnibus Yutong…donó a la isla 100 mil euros para apoyar su recuperación tras el paso de los huracanes Gustav e Ike…Otras empresas chinas han realizado donaciones como gesto de solidaridad…


Digicel commits US$1 million towards hurricane relief in Haiti – Jamaica Observer, 13 Sep 2008:

Digicel's commitment comprises US$400,000 of aid support to NGOs; US$400,000 of free minutes and other mobile services and a further US$200,000 of direct aid distribution across Haiti…Digicel's donation of US$400,000 to NGOs will help to get aid to some of the worst-affected areas of Haiti. These supplies will include food containers and toiletries, kitchen, hygiene and medical kits and supplies and air transport for two water treatment plants.


The Dow Chemical Company Foundation Contributes to Louisiana Hurricane Relief – Dow, 11 Sep 2008: With widespread disruptions in power and utilities still affecting areas of Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Gustav, The Dow Chemical Company Foundation has announced that it will donate a total of $500,000 to help at the local, regional and state levels.


FedEx, Citi & Pan American Development Foundation distribute emergency supplies in Haiti – Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), 9 Sep 2008: Nearly 500 survivors of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike are out of the rain…thanks to temporary shelters that were provided by Citi…and flown to Haiti by FedEx…FedEx…sen[t] one of its planes with relief supplies...consist[ing] of tents, tarps, water purification tablets, lanterns and more, provided by Citi.