Company policy statements on human rights

This page links to statements by companies that explicitly refer to human rights, that we are aware of.  If you know of a policy statement that is not yet included here, please let us know.

Note: The UN's Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights state the following: "As the basis for embedding their responsibility to respect human rights, business enterprises should express their commitment to meet this responsibility through a statement of policy".  (Full text of Guiding Principle 16).

Companies that participate in the UN Global Compact express support for 10 principles, including Principles 1 & 2 on human rights.  Here we do not list all Global Compact companies.  Only companies that have taken the step of adopting a formal company policy statement explicitly referring to human rights are included, whether or not they participate in the Global Compact.

NOTE: Policy statements that refer/apply only to the company's employees or suppliers are not included.

ABB: "Human Rights Policy and Statement"

Abbott Laboratories: "Human Rights"

Aberdeen Asset Management: "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for AAM & Group Companies" [PDF]
[see pg. 11, "Human Rights"]

ABN AMRO: "Business Principles"

AcadeMedia: "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" [PDF - in Swedish only]

Acer: "Standards for Business ConduBNct"   

ACS: "Codigo de Conducta" [PDF]
[see pg. 4, "Respeto a las personas"]

adidas: "Human Rights and Responsible Business Practices - Frequently Asked Questions" [PDF]

Aegon: "Policy on Human Rights" [PDF]

ÅF Group: "Sustainability Policy" [PDF]

AGF (Assurances Générales de France): "Politique des Droits de l’Homme pour le Groupe AGF" [PDF]

Agrium Inc: "Human Rights" 

Aker Solutions: "Caring about people - Human rights"

Akzo Nobel: "Business Principles"
Akzo Nobel: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Alcan: "Worldwide Code of Employee and Business Conduct" [PDF]

Alcatel-Lucent: "Statement of Business Principles"
Alcatel-Lucent: "Politiques"

Alcoa: "Human Rights"

ALDI North: "ALDI North Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

ALDI South: "ALDI South Group Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Allen & Overy: "Corporate Responsibility at Allen & Overy"

Alliance Boots: "Code of Conduct and Business Ethics" [PDF] [scroll to pg. 14]

Alstom: "Code of Ethics"

ANA: "ANA Group Policy on Human Rights", also in Japanese (both PDF)

Anadolu Efes: "Ethical Values and Code of Conduct"

Anglo American: "Good Citizenship: Business Principles" [PDF]

AngloGold Ashanti: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Anglo Gold Ashanti Colombia Política de Derechos Humanos AGA Colombia [PDF]

ANZ Bank: "ANZ and Human Rights" [PDF]

Aramex: "Sustainability report" [PDF]
[see pg. 26, "Our approach to managing Social Impact - Human Rights"]

ArcelorMittal: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) [PDF]

Areva: "Values Charter" [PDF]

Areva: "Charte de Valeurs" [PDF]

Arla Foods: "Human Rights Policy"

ArmorGroup: "Business Ethics Policy"[PDF]

ASN Bank: "Human Rights" [PDF]

Associated British Foods: "Our Principles - People"

AstraZeneca: "Human Rights"

Atlas Copco: "Human Rights Statement" [PDF]

Atos: "Corporate Responsibility Report" [PDF]
[see pg. 81]

Axfood: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Aviva: "CSR Policy" [PDF] [see pg. 9]

Barclays: "Statement on Human Rights"[PDF]

Balfour Beatty: "Business Conduct Guidelines" [PDF] [see pg. 13]

Banco Bradesco: "Corporate Code of Ethics"

Banco do Brasil: "Social-environmental policy"
Banco do Brasil: "Letter of Principles of Social & Environmental Responsibility"

Bank of Montreal: "Statement on Human Rights" [PDF]

Barrick Gold: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

BASF: "Human Rights and Core Labor Standards"

Bayer: "Human Rights Position"

BayernLB: "Sustainability Policy" [PDF]

BBVA: "BBVA's Commitment to Human Rights"

BBVA: "Compromiso en materia de derechos humanos"

BG Group: "Human Rights Policy"

BHP Billiton: "Human Rights"

BNP Paribas: "Statement of BNP Paribas on Human Rights"
- [Français] "Déclaration de BNP Paribas relative aux droits de l'homme"

BNY Mellon

Boeing: "Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights"

Boliden: "Behaviour based on mutual respect"

Bouygues: "Group Code of Ethics" [PDF]

BP: "Human rights policy"

Brambles: "Human Rights"

Bravida: "Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 3]

British Airways: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

British American Tobacco: "Our approach to human rights"

BMW: "Joint Declaration on Human Rights and Working Conditions
in the BMW Group" [PDF]

BT: "Human Rights"
BT: "Human Rights" (in Sustainability Report 2010)

Cable & Wireless: "Code of Business Principles and Ethics" [PDF]

Cadbury: "Our Approach to Human Rights" [PDF]

Cadbury Schweppes: "Ethical Sourcing Standards" [DOC]

Canadian Natural Resources: "Statement of Human Rights" 

Carrefour: "Charter for Commitment to Respect Human Rights" [PDF]

Casino (EMC Distribution): "Charte éthique"

Casio: Casio Group Policy on Human Rights

Caterpillar: "Human rights"

Cemex: "Message from our Chairman and CEO" and "Protecting Human Rights" [PDF]
[see pgs. 3 and 22]

Centrica: "Business Principles - Human Rights"

Cerrejón: "Human Rights Policy"
Cerrejón: "Política de Derechos Humanos"

CGI: "CSR Policy" [PDF]
CGI: "Codes of Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 59]

Chevron: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]
      Chevron Nigeria-Mid Africa: "Security Services Code of Conduct on Human Rights" [PDF]

Chiquita: "Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 6]

Chubu Electric Power: "The Eight Action Guidelines" [PDF] [see pg. 21]

Cisco Systems: "Citizenship Governance - Human Rights"

Citigroup: "Statement on Human Rights"

Clifford Chance: "Human Rights" [scroll down]

Coca-Cola: "Human Rights Statement" [PDF]

Codelco: "Politica Corporativa de Desarrollo Sustentable" [PDF]

Colgate-Palmolive: "Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 28]

Commercial International Bank [DOC]

Commerzbank: Positions and directives - Human Rights

Compass Group: "Relations with Governments & the Wider Communities"

ConocoPhillips: "Human Rights Position"

Continental: "Respecting Human Rights"

Control Risks: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Co-operative Group "Human Rights and Trade Policy
        See also: The Co-operative Banking Group: "Ethical Policy"

Cosmo Oil: "Cosmo Oil Group Corporate Activity Guideline"

Crédit Agricole: "RESPECT - Human Rights Charter" [PDF]

Credit Suisse: "Due Dilligence"

Daewoo: "Code of Corporate Conduct & Ethics" [PDF]

Danone: "Business Conduct Policies" [PDF]

De Beers: "De Beers Diamond Policy"

Dell: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]
[scroll down to p. 16, section entitled "Dealing with Others - Human Rights"]

Deutsche Bahn: "Ethics: Code of Conduct"

Deutsche Bank: "Deutsche Bank Statement on Human Rights" [PDF]

Deutsche Post DHL: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Deutsche Telekom: "Social Charter" [PDF]

Diageo: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Disney: "Human Rights Policy Statement"

DLH: "DLH and Corporate Social Responsibility" [PDF] [see pg. 11]

DnB Nor: "Corporate Social Responsibility [PDF]

Dow Chemical: "Human Rights"

DuPont: "Human Rights Policy"

Ecopetrol: "Derechos Humanos"

E.ON: "Human Rights Policy Statement of the E.ON Group"

EADS: "Integrity - EADS Code of Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 5]

EDF (Electricité de France): "Mémento éthique" [PDF]

EMI: "Social Responsibility"

Enagás: "Principios de Actuación de Enagás" [PDF] [see pg. 13]

Enbridge: "Revised Statement on Business Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 3]

Encana: "Corporate Responsibility Policy" [PDF]

Endesa: "Política de Sostenibilidad" [PDF]

ENI: "How does ENI deal with the issue of human rights"

Ericsson: "Code of Business Ethics" [PDF]

ERM: "Business Conduct and Ethics - Global Code of Conduct"

Eroski: "Código Ético"

ExxonMobil: "Respecting Human Rights"

FCC: "Code of Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 10]

Ferrovial: "Code of Business Ethics"

First Quantum Minerals: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Ford: "Code of Human Rights, Basic Working Conditions, and Corporate Responsibility" [PDF]

Fortis: Human Rights Statement

Freeport-McMoRan: "Human Rights"

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer: "Responsible business strategy"

Friends Provident: "Human Rights Policy"

Fujifilm Holdings: "Respect for Basic Human Rights"

Fujitsu: "Code of Conduct - We respect human rights"

G4S: "Human Rights Policy" & Guidance

Gap: "Human Rights Policy"

Gas Natural Fenosa: "Política de Derechos Humanos" [PDF]

GDF [Gas de France] Suez: "Ethics and Compliance Program" [PDF]  [see pg. 3]

General Electric: "Statement of Principles on Human Rights" [PDF] [see pg. 54]

General Motors: "Social Performance - Human Rights"

GlaxoSmithKline: "Corporate Responsibility Principles"

Glencore Xstrata: Human Rights

GoldCorp: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Gold Fields: "Human rights policy statement"[PDF]

Goodyear: "Policy on Global Human Rights"

Group 4 Securicor: "Business Ethics Policy"

Gucci: "Code of Business Practices - Ethics Guide" [PDF]Arg

H&M: "Human Rights Policy"

Halliburton: "Human Rights Policy Statement"

Handelsbanken: "Ethical Guidelines for the Handelsbanken Group"
Handelsbanken: "Sustainability Report 2012" [PDF] [see pg. 16]

Hasbro: Global Business Ethics Principles

HBOS: "Human Rights" [PDF]

HEINEKEN Employee & Human Rights Policy

Henkel: "Code of Corporate Sustainability" [PDF] [see pg. 3]

Hess: "Transparency and Human Rights"

Herbert Smith Freehills: "Business & Human Rights"

Hilton: "Human Rights"

Hitachi: "HItachi Group's Human Rights Policy"

Holcim: "CSR Pillars & Principles" [PDF]

HP: "Human rights & labor policy"
"Supplier Code of Conduct" [PDF]
"Supply Chain Social & Environmental Responsibility Policy" [PDF]

HSBC: "Corporate Approach" 

Hudson: "CSR Policy"

Hydro: "Integrity and Human Rights"

Iberdrola: "Corporate Social Responsibility Policy"
"Code of Professional Conduct of the Iberdrola Group" [PDF] [see pg. 8]

ICA AB: "Ethical trade"

Ikea: "IWAY standard [PDF]"

Imperial Tobacco: "Human rights and social assessment"

Implats: "Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Indian Oil: "Initiatives"

ING: "Human Rights Statement" [PDF]

Ingersoll Rand: "Global Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Inmet: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Intel: "Human Rights Principles" [PDF]

InterContinental Hotels: "Corporate Responsibility Report"

International Power: "Human Rights"

ISA: "Declaratoria de compromiso sobre derechos humanos [PDF]"

ISAGEN: "Política de Derechos Humanos" [PDF]

ISS: "Corporate Responsibility Policy"

ITC: "Policy on Human Rights"

Japan Tobacco: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

JFE Holdings: "JFE Group Standards of Business Conduct"

Johnson & Johnson: "Statement on Human Rights"

Johnson Controls:"Human Rights and Sustainability Policy"

Johnson Matthey: "Business Integrity and Ethics Policy Statement"

JP Morgan Chase: "Human Rights"

KBC Group: "KBC Group's Statement on Human Rights" [PDF]

KBZ Group Human Rights Policy

KfW: "Human rights policy" [in German] [PDF]

Kimberly-Clark: "Corporate Policies" [PDF]

Kinross: Ten Guiding Principles: Principle 6

Kosmos Energy: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

KPMG: Human Rights Statement

KPN: "CSR Policy"

Kumba Iron Ore: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Lafarge: "Code of Business Conduct" [PDF]

Lagardère: "The Group’s approach to its main stakeholders" [PDF] [see pg. 63]

Lantmännen: "Our Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 23]

Lego: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Levi Strauss: "Global Sourcing and Operating Guidelines" [PDF]

Lihir Gold (LGL): "Our commitment"

Linde Group: "Code of Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 38]

Linklaters: "Human Rights - Statement of Intent"

LKAB: "Ethics"

Lloyds TSB: "Human Rights" [PDF]

Lonmin: "Code Of Business Ethics" [PDF]  [see pg. 10, "Human Rights"]

L'Oreal: "Code of Business Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 1]

Lundin Petroleum: "Human Rights Policy"

Man Group: "Human Rights Policy" 

Maersk: "Principles of Conduct"

Marathon Oil: "CSR Policy"

Marks & Spencer: "Corporate social responsibility report 2006" [PDF]  [see pg. 18, "People"]

Mart: "Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Marubeni: "Compliance Manual"

Mazda Motor: "Respect for Human Right" [PDF]

McDonald's: "Standards of Business Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 18]

Merck: "Public Policy Statement: Human Rights" [PDF]

Microsoft: Global Human Rights Statement

Mitchells & Butlers: "Human rights"

Mitsubishi: "CSR Vision" [PDF]

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings: "Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Corporate Ethics"

Mitsubishi Electric: "Management System Compliance"

Mitsubishi Estate: "Human Rights Policy"

Mitsui: "Business Conduct Guidelines for Employees and Officers" [see pg.1]

Mizuho Financial Group: "Corporate Governance Policy - Respect for Human Rights"

Mobinil: "Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 20. "Complying with laws, regulations and shareholders' ethical principles]

Mondi "Human Rights" 

Monsanto: "Human Rights Policy [PDF]"

Morgan Crucible: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Morgan Stanley: "Statement on Human Rights" [PDF]

Motorola: "Human Rights" 

MPRL E&P "Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

National Grid: "Human rights"

Naouri Group "Human Rights Policy"

NEC: "Creating a Corporate Culture we take pride in"

Ness: "Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Neste Oil: "Sustainability Policy"

Nestlé: "Corporate Business Principles" [PDF] [scroll to p. 10, "Human Rights"]

Newmont: "Social Responsibility Policy"

Nexen: "Promotion and Protection of Human Rights" [PDF]

Nippon Express: "Compliance Regulations" [PDF] [see pg. 12 - also pg. 35]

Nippon Yusen: "NYK Group Mission Statement"

Nissan: "Nissan Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Nokia: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]
Nokia: Nokia's human rights approach [PDF]

Nomura Holdings: "Basic Principles & Code of Conduct | Code of Ethics - 12. Respect for Human Rights"

Nordea: "Corporate citizenship principles"

Novartis: "Human Rights"
"Corporate Citizenship Guideline - Human Rights" [PDF]

Novo Group: "Charter"

Novo Nordisk positions: Human Rights
Novo Nordisk: "The right to health - our contribution" [PDF]

Novozymes: "Human rights"

O2: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Obayashi Corporation's Human Rights Policy

Occidental Petroleum: "Code of Business Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 26]

OceanaGold: "Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy" [PDF]

OMV: "Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Outokumpu: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

OZ Minerals: "Sustainability Policy" [PDF]

Paladin Energy: "Human Rights Policy"

Panasonic: "Code of Conduct"

Parami Energy "Human Rights Policy"

Peab: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Pentland: "Group Business Standards Policies" [PDF]

PepsiCo: "Code of Conduct"

Persimmon: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Petrobras: "Driving Citizenship" [scroll down for "Social Responsibility Policy"]

PetroCanada: "Human Rights"

Pfizer: Human Rights Statement

Philex Mining: "Human Rights Policy"

Philips: "General Business Principles" [PDF]

Posco: "Code of Conduct" [see point 5]

Power Corporation of Canada: "Human Rights" 

Praktikertjänst: "Etisk kod och hållbarhetspolicy" ("Code of Ethics & Sustainability Policy") [PDF - in Swedish only]

Premier Oil: "Human Rights Policy"

PriceWaterhouseCoopers: "Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 12]

Procter & Gamble: "Values & Policies" [PDF] [see pg. 22]

Prudential: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]


Rabobank: "The Human Rights Statement for Rabobank as elaboration of the Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Randgold: "Human Rights Policy"

Randstad: "Business Principles"

Reckitt Benckiser: "Code of Business Conduct"

Reebok: "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"

Repsol. "Derechos Humanos en Repsol"  [español]

Repso. "Human Rights and Community Relations" Statement

Rexam: "Policy on Human Rights and Labour Conditions" [PDF]

Ricoh: "Ricoh Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter/Code of Conduct [PDF]"

Rio Tinto: "Human Rights"

Ritz-Carlton: "Human Rights Policy Statement" [PDF]

Roche: "Code of Conduct"

Royal Bank of Scotland: "RBS Group Position on Human Rights" [PDF]

Royal Caribbean Cruises: "Human Rights Statement" [PDF]

SABMiller: "Our priorities - Human Rights"

Sakhalin Energy: "Statement of General Business Principles" (see principles d and f) [PDF]

Sandvik: "The Sandvik Way of Business - and Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Sanofi Aventis: "Human Rights - Policy"

SAP: "SAP's Human Rights Commitment" [PDF] (scroll down and click on SAP Human Rights Commitment)

Sara Lee: "Global Business Standards"

SAS Group: "Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR"

Sasol: "Sasol's Code of Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 2]

SCA: "Human Rights"
"Code of Conduct" [PDF] [scroll to pg. 7, "Respect for human rights"]

Scania: "Human rights"

SEB: "Code of Business Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 7]

Securitas: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Seven & I Holdings: "Seven & I Holdings Corporate Action Guidelines"

Sharp: "The Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior - Respect for Human rights"

Shell: "Respecting human rights"
"Business and Human Rights - A Management Primer" [PDF]

Shiseido's Policy related to Respect for Human Rights and Discrimination

Siemens: International Guidelines

Signet: "Principles"

Skanska: "Skanska Code of Conduct" [PDF]

SKF: "The SKF Commitment" [PDF] [see pgs. 12 & 13]

Smiths Group: "Human Rights"

Société Générale: "Code of Conduct" [PDF] [see pg. 5]

Sodexo: Policy on Respecting Human Rights [PDF]

Södra: Sustainability Policy [PDF]

Sompo Japan Insurance: "Respect for Human Dignity" [PDF] [see pg. 21]

Sony: "Code of Conduct"
Sony: "Human Rights and Equal Opportunities"

Spectris: "Human Rights" [PDF]

Sprint Nextel: "Human Rights Policy"

SSAB: "Code of Business Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 3]

Standard Chartered: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Stagecoach: "Code of Business Conduct" [PDF] [see "Human Rights" section]

Starwood Hotels & Resorts [PDF]

Starbucks: "Global Human Rights Standard" [PDF]

Statoil: "Human Rights & Labour Conditions"

Stora Enso: "Principles for Corporate Social Responsibility" [PDF]

Sumitomo Electric Industries: "Employees and Human Rights"

Sumitomo Metal Mining: "Protection of Human Rights"

Sumitomo Trust & Banking: "Ethics Charter & Social Activity Charter"

Sun Microsystems: "Human Rights Policy"

Suncor: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Sweco: "Responsibility and business ethics"
Sweco: "CSR Policy" [PDF]

Swedbank: "Policy on Human Rights & Transparency" [PDF]

Syngenta: "Human Rights"

Systembolaget: "Mänskliga rättigheter" ("Human rights") [in Swedish only]

T&D Life: "CSR Charter"

Tahoe Resources [PDF]

Taisei Corporation's Human Rights Policy

Taisei: "Ensuring a Pleasant Working Environment"

Talisman Energy: "Human Rights"
Talisman Energy: "Global Community Relations Policy"
[site requires to "accept" the disclaimer to gain access to the page]

Tata: "Code of Conduct 2008" [see clause 17, "Ethical Conduct"]

Taylor Wimpey: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Tchibo: Grundsatzerklärung [German; PDF]

TDK, "Group Policy on Human Rights"

Teck Resources: "Human Rights Policy" 

Telecom Italia: "Social Responsibility at Telecom Italia" [PDF]

Telefónica: "Our Business Principles" [PDF]

TeliaSonera: "Group Code of Ethics and Conduct" [PDF]

Tesco: "Human Rights Policy"

Tetra Pak: "Respecting human rights"

Timberland: "Code of Conduct"

Tokyo Electric Power: "The Basic Policy on Procurement"

Tomkins: Human Rights Policy [PDF]

Tom's of Maine: "The Tom's of Maine Stewardship Model"

Toshiba's policies on Human Rights

Toshiba: "Standards of Conduct"

Total: "Human Rights"[français]

Tropical Cable and Conductor "TCCL Human Rights Policy Statement"

Tullow Oil: "Human Rights Policy"

UBS: "Labour Standards and Human Rights"

Unicredit: Human Rights Commitment [PDF]

Unilever: "Respecting rights"

United Technologies: "Code of Ethics" [PDF] [see pg. 15, "Citizenship and human rights"]

Vale: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Vattenfall: "Code of Conduct" [PDF]

Vedanta: "Human Rights"

Verizon: "Human Rights Statement"

Vestas: "Code of Conduct" [see pg. 14]

Vodafone: "Human Rights"

Westpac: "Human Rights"

Weyerhaeuser: "Human Rights Policy" [PDF]

Whitbread: "Human Rights"

Wolseley: "Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006" [scroll down to "Code of Ethics"]

WPP: "Corporate Responsibility Policy" [PDF]  [scroll to pg. 30, "CR Policy"]

Xerox: "Policy Letter on Human Rights" [PDF]

Yara: "Ethics Handbook" [PDF] [scroll to section 4.1]

Yell Group: "Our Code of Ethics" [PDF] [scroll to pg. 10]