Accountability Mechanisms

Corporations and Human Rights:
Accountability mechanisms for resolving complaints and disputes

The Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government launched a new project in January 2007 entitled ‘Corporations and Human Rights: Accountability mechanisms for resolving complaints and disputes’.  This project, led by Caroline Rees, will examine the strengths and weaknesses of existing complaints or dispute resolution mechanisms, suggest some lessons to be drawn from their experience, consider how they might be improved and explore what a model mechanism might look like for the field of business and human rights.  For the full project outline, click here [DOC]

The project is based on a process of broad and on-going consultations with stakeholders from a range of countries in all regions.  It will also include field visits to Argentina and South Africa.  The purpose of the consultations is to gain an understanding of how different stakeholders view the advantages and disadvantages of existing approaches to addressing complaints and disputes, and to explore their views on what mechanisms or systems are most appropriate for the business and human rights arena. 

Documents associated with this project will be made available via this website as the project progresses.  All comments and inputs are welcome and should be sent to [email protected]