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Five years from Rana Plaza, MEP calls on EU Commission to establish binding human rights for European companies

Author: Heidi Hautala, EURACTIV, Published on: 30 April 2018

"Five years from Rana Plaza: EU Commission needs to fulfill its promises", 26 April 2018

It is finally time for the EU to adopt clear rules that require European companies to respect human rights in their global operations and that ensure access to remedy for those affected – to make sure that disasters like this never happen again...

For victims of these abuses obtaining justice is a chain of obstacle...

“Rana Plaza” is not an isolated incident. It is only one piece of the appalling problem that EU needs to resolve with determination and coherence: a responsibility that comes with our role as the second largest economy in the world. Yet, our current response to this challenge is far from satisfactory. The European Commission’s response to the international outcry over “Rana Plaza” was a series of voluntary measures to enhance sustainability in garment value chains. Last year, the Parliament reacted calling for binding due diligence obligations...

[A] coherent framework would help to level the playing field... For the victims of “Rana Plaza”, and for all the countless victims of corporate human rights abuses, empty phrases are worthless. We need action.

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