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Our website is updated hourly with news and reports about companies' human rights impacts (positive and negative) worldwide.

There are tens of thousands of links on the site.  This page is designed to help you navigate it easily and find the information you need.  More about the Resource Centre as an organization is in “About us”.


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The library

The core of the website is the library.  Reports, articles and other materials in the library can be viewed by:

Company responses & non-responses

When civil society raises concerns about a company's human rights impact, before we include the allegations on our website and in our Weekly Update, we invite the company to respond (if a public response is not yet available).  We do this to be objective and fair to all sides, and to encourage business to publicly address human rights issues that they might otherwise ignore.  In some cases this process leads to dialogue between the company and stakeholders, and has even helped to bring about resolution of some issues.  In all cases it increases transparency.  Charts with all the company responses, non-responses and positive initiatives featured in the Updates can be downloaded here.


Search functions

The search box is on the homepage and all inside pages of the site.  The search results show items containing all the words you enter into the search box, as well as relevant sections of the website.  Once you have initial search results, you will see filters that allow you to narrow the results by company involved, country, issue or other topic, date, language, etc.

"Big Issues"

In addition to this Getting Started portal, the Resource Centre has the following special sections on "Big Issues", all of which are also accessible via buttons on the homepage:

UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights - text of the Guiding Principles, tools for implementation of human rights obligations by companies, governments, NGOs & others, commentaries; also: UN Working Group materials, including submissions to it; history of the Guiding Principles including all materials relating to the work of UN Special Representative John Ruggie

Corporate legal accountability - profiling human rights lawsuits brought against companies around the world

Global binding treaty: Pros & cons of a proposed treaty on business & human rights - materials & events on the debate regarding a proposal for a new UN treaty on business & human rights

Business, conflict & peace - focusing on conflict zones, where abuses are most severe, where the risk of corporate complicity is greatest, and where victims are the most vulnerable

Business & freedom of association - highlighting companies' impacts on freedom of associaiton, union rights and the right to strike, positive & negative, as well as relevant standards, principles & lawsuits

Technology companies & human rights - highlighting impacts of companies in information & communications technology sector on freedom of expression, privacy & the right to protest

Natural resources - highlighting fairness & accountability in companies’ use of oil, gas, coal, minerals, land and water

Human rights defenders - cases and action for human rights defenders at risk

Major sporting events - highlighting human rights & business at the World Cup, Olympics and more


Special resources

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The Resource Centre is an independent non-profit organization.  To avoid any perception of conflict of interest, the Centre does not accept donations from companies.   For this reason donations from individuals are a critical source of funding.