Human trafficking

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21 February 2020

UK: post-Brexit immigration rules could fuel modern slavery

Author: Lisa O’Carroll, the Guardian

“The proposed closure of UK borders to low-skilled workers after Brexit risks driving vulnerable EU citizens into modern slavery, charities have said.”...

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5 February 2020

Cambodia: Govt. anti-human trafficking officials say difficulties remain in protecting illegal workers overseas from human trafficking

Author: Davin Sen, Khmer Times

"Committee admits migrant workers still face problems", 5 February 2020...

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28 January 2020

US govt. efforts to advance business & human rights in 2019 incl. actions to combat trafficking & labour abuse in global supply chains

Author: US Department of State

The U.S. government is committed to supporting the voluntary efforts of businesses to advance human rights and protecting against human rights abuses [including]... ...

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22 January 2020

Kenya: Govt. official says weak regulatory regime to blame for exploitation of migrant workers, including by employment agencies

Author: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

"State to harmonise laws to protect labour migrants"...

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21 January 2020
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Author: RTS (Suisse)

"Des enfants travaillent pour le chocolat certifié "commerce équitable"", 20 janvier 2020...

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20 January 2020

USA: Supreme Court seeks to protect companies from lawsuits by victims of abuse overseas in case against chocolate makers over alleged child slavery

Author: Bloomberg

"U.S. Supreme Court signals interest in child-slavery cocoa lawsuit", 14 Jan 2020...

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16 January 2020

Cambodia: Anti-Human Trafficking Unit sends two suspects to Phnom Penh Municipal Court for allegedly being involved in human trafficking

Author: Sarom Kim, The Phnom Penh Post

"Pair of alleged human traffickers sent to Phnom Penh Municipal Court", 14 January 2020...

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14 January 2020

Norway: Government to examine possible modern slavery law

Author: Norway Today

"Norwegian law against modern slavery on the docket", 12 Jan 2020...

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7 January 2020

Nepal: Over 5% of Nepal's population are highly vulnerable to human trafficking, national rights body says

Author: Nepal 24 Hours

"1.5 Million Nepalese Vulnerable To Human Trafficking, Says Nepal’s National Rights Body", 8 January 2020...

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3 January 2020

Kenya: Lack of state-supported human trafficking victims support services hampering perpetrator accountability

Prosecution of perpetrators of human trafficking in Kenya is often hampered by lack of state-provided victim support services such as aftercare shelter and counselling services. This has seen prosecutorial agencies rely on non-governmental...

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