International business and human rights organizations

Human rights NGOsBelow is a list of international organizations working on business and human rights issues.

Please note that it is not a comprehensive list.  It is comprised of organizations that are:

  • non-profit
  • international in scope
  • focused entirely on business and human rights, or with a designated business and human rights programme.

This list does not include the many hundreds of organizations doing extremely important work at the local and national level, or organizations working on discrete business & human rights issues such as labour rights, discrimination, environmental contamination affecting health.  Reports and materials issued by many of those organizations are included in our website.

Amnesty International: Business & Human Rights

Business & Human Rights Documentation Project (B-HRD)

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) – Human Rights Strategy & Implementation

Danish Institute for Human Rights: Human Rights and Business Project

ESCR-Net: Corporate Accountability

FIDH (Intl. Federation for Human Rights): Business & Human Rights

Global Business Initiative on Human Rights

Global Rights: Natural Resources & Human Rights Initiative

Global Witness
- Accountability - Business & Human Rights
- Corruption - Business & Human Rights

Human Rights First: Business and Human Rights

Human Rights Watch: Business

Intl. Commission of Jurists: Expert Legal Panel on Corporate Complicity

Intl. Corporate Accountability Roundtable

Institute for Human Rights & Business

Nomogaia - Global Human Rights

PODER - Project on Organizing, Development, Education, and Research

RAID – Rights and Accountability in International Development

SOMO – Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations

Intergovernmental organizations

UN Global Compact: Human Rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Business & Human Rights

UNICEF: Corporate Social Responsibility - Advancing Children's Rights in Business