Intl. Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC): Signatory Companies

The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC) is a set of standards for security companies to respect human rights and humanitarian law.

For further background information (including resources in Spanish & French) see our special page on the ICoC on our Business, Conflict & Peace Portal. 

For a selection of news items, NGOs reports and industry initiatives see the ICoC section on our site

As of 1 September 2013, 708 private security companies have signed the ICoC.  The list below include links to public information on these companies’ human rights impacts, both positive & negative. 

In bold are some of the largest companies that refer to the ICoC in their webpage.

2D Security

30 South Maritime 

3e Group

3rg Associates 


A-Alert Security Services

Aarhus Marine & Offshore Services

Aburgus Security


ACK3 Global Solutions

Actus Intl. Security


AdvanFort Company

Advantage Executive Protection

Aegis Defense Services

Aegis Defence Services

Aegis Group

Aegis Intl.

Afloat Leasing


AH Risk Management

Aid Training & Operations




Al Ghadeer Security  


Al Hurea

Allies Incorporated


Alphard Maritime

Alphard Maritime Security

Al Safina Security

Al Sajer

Alsec Marine Security 

Altor Risk Group

Altus Group

Al Thuraya Consultancy

Amalgamated Security Services

Amarante International

Ambrey Risk

Antares World

Ante Meridiem Solutions


Anubis Associates 

Any Risk Security Solutions

Apolake Security Training Services

Arch Shipping 

Ardan Energy Services

Argonaut Security 

Argonautic Personal Protection & Defence Systems

Argonautis Maritime Services

ARGOS Security 

Argus Security

Argus Security Projects

ARK Universal

Armament Consulting Services & security

Armed Piracy Defense


Artan Group

Artemis-UK Solutions

Arxal Risk Management

AS Solution

ASAP Specialist Security

Asia AMTEX Security Group

ASK International

ASK Security Services

Askar Security Services

Aspida Maritime Security

Assessed Threat Solutions

Asset Maritime Security Services


Associated Risks


Atlas Intl. Security

Audeamus Security

Aurora Associates Maritime Security

Aus-Com Security Services

Australian Logistics Services

Australian National Security, Investigation and Collections 

Avant Garde Maritime Services

Avant - Guard Security

B. Prince Maritime Security

BAE Maritime Security Services (BAE MSS)

Bahria Security Systems & Services

Bahari Security

BaltEst Agency 

Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions

Barantas Security Group

Beowulf Defense & Security

Bestia Risk Consulting

Bhutan Elite Security Services

Black Pearl

Black Swan Security

Blackmore Blackthorn Intl.

Blackshark Security 

Blackwall Maritime 

Blue Border Holdings

Blue Hackle Group 

Blue Mountain Group

BNG Solutions

Blue Square Global

Bowline Defence 

Bras Security

Britam Defence 

Britannia Maritime Security

British Maritime Solutions

Bsecure Training Solutions

BSK Intl. Military & Special Security

Business Risks Intl.

Bydand Security Consultants

Caliber 3

Calibre Maritime Global 

Calibre Intl. Security

Callidus Knight 

Canadian Sea Marshal Tactical Teams

Canpro Global

Castor Vali Maritime


Chenega Federal UK 

Citadel Maritime 


Claymore Security Solutions

Clifford Facility Services 

Close Quarter Specialists 

Code3 Protections Private Limited

Commercial Maritime Protection 

CONDOR Schutz- und Sicherheitsdienst


Constant Maritime

Control Risks Group

Corinthian Protection Intl.

Corporacion Yantarni

CORPS Defense Land Systems

CorpSec Intl.

Craft Intl.

CRM Intl.

CS:5 Security

CTR Services

Custodian Maritime Security Services

Danish Maritime Supply Service

Danish Ship Protection

DC RMS Holdings 

De Havilland Gray 





Define Risk Solutions 

DELCRO consulting & solutions 

Delta Cygni

Delta Protection

Desert Road Security


Deterrence Force Services 

Diaplous Maritime Services

Diligence Maritime Security

Dillard Security Group

Dilitas Risk & Security Management

Directing Staff Solutions

Drekar Services Intl.

Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service

DSEC Security Consulting

Dutch Control

Dutch Security Intl.

Dynamic Alternatives Group

DynCorp Intl.

Eagle Intl. Security Services

Eagle Shark

ECS International Security

Edinburgh Intl.

EDLS Executive Defense & Leadership Systems

Edson Tiger

Ekpedefsi Epikinonia Vocational training Center

Elite Marines Security Consultants

Emerald Solutions

Emergent Risk Solutions

EMS Security Brokers

Endeavour Maritime

Energy & Maritime Security Services


EOD Technology

Eos Risk Management

Equator Special Projects

Erinys Intl.

Erus Maritime Security Services

ERYS Group


ESPADA Services


Euro Tactical

Evolutionary Security Management

Expert Maritime Security

Facility Specialist & Multi Services

FAM Intl. Security


Fearless Security Services

Field Security Services Group


FIST Security 

FocusPoint Intl. 

Forpost - Private Security Organization gForposth

Forte Maritime Security

Four Horsemen Intl.

Four Shield Solutions


Frontier Horizons

Frontline Response Finland

FTS - Maritime Security

Fulcrum Security Solutions

Fysentzia Shipping


Gabriel Security Services

Galahad Associates 

Galene Global Maritime Security

Gallice Security

Gander RM Seguridad

Garda World Security Corporation

GCE Consultants

Gemini Maritime 


Genric Holdings 

Geospatial Intelligence

Ghazi Security Guards

Gladius Security Consulting Services

Global Marine Security

Global Maritime Security Solutions 

Global Maritime Recruitment Solutions

Global Protection Agency

Global Sprint Security

Global Risk Solutions

Global Strategies Group (Europe) 

Global Tactical Networks

GoAGT (Gulf of Aden Group Transits)

Golden Panther Security

Gold Fields Protection Services

Graspan Frankton

Graylion Security 

GreySide Group

Griffin & Miller The Netherlands 

Grosvenor Global Risk 

Group CSC




Grunts Security-Partnership

GSA Global Security Academy 

GSEC Enterprises 

GSS Global Secret Solution

Guardian - global business security

Guardian Intl. Security Services 

Guardian Maritime Services


Guarding & Services for Africa (G.S.A.)

Gurkha Security Services 

GW Consulting


Halliday Finch

Hammerstad security


Harbor Site Intl.

Hardcastle Security

Harekar Group

Hart Security, including its subsidiaries: Hart Security UK, Hart Security Australia, Hart Integrated Solutions, Hart Risk Management

Hasta Security Solutions

HAUK Security

Hawki Worldwide 

Haymarket Risk Management 

HDR Consult

HEAT Hostile Environment Training

Helicon Security Group

Henderson Risk 

HERRERA Maritime Security 

Higginson Associates 

High Risk Security Group, Unipessoal, including its subsidiary: Xero Industries 

Himalayan Odyssey Group

Horizon security solutions 

HR Maritime Consultants

HSS Risk Management

Hua Xin Zhong An (Beijing) Security Service 


I.G.K Ocean Eagles

I.M.S. Enterprises 

ICS-Security Solutions Sagl

Ides Intl.

IFS2I Security Consulting



IMI Security Service

IMS Cyprus


Indefatigable Protective Services

Independent Maritime Protection Solutions

Infinite Security Solutions

Int Research 

Integrated Risk & Security Solutions (IRSS)


Intelligent Risks 

Intl. Armour 

Intl. Maritime Security

Intl. Maritime Security Agency (IMSA)

Intl. Ocean Logistics

Intl. Operational Protection Services

Inl. Protection Group

Intl. Risk Solutions

Intl. Risks

Intl. Security Network

Internationale Bodyguard- & Sicherheitsagentur 

Iron Eagle Security Solutions

ISC Group Gulf WLL

Isis Security Corp

ISPS Group 

ISSG Holdings

Janus Security Iraq

JHS Maritime Security 

K-9 Internacional 

Kanchanjangha Security Services

Kabora Security Services

Kenya Risk Consultants 

Kingdom Securities 

Kings Maritime Solutions

King’s Knight Group 

KK Security

Klemm Security

Klipper Enterprises

Knight Associates

KYP Consultancy

Krypteia Group Intl.

L & L Equipment Solutions 

LACCAL Consulting

LandMark Security

Legend Security Services

Legion Force


LGS Matrix

Lingwood Security Management

LKA Group 


Long Vision Security Solutions

LPD Risk Management

LPN Group



Ludus Training International (LTI)

Maegus Consulting

Magni International Group

Mannin Security, Protection & Investigation Services

Manuel Security

Marcus Lawler Consulting 

Marine One Private 

Marine Pirate Busters

Marine Scouts 

Marine Security Initiatives

Marine Security Intl. including its subsidiary: Marine Security Intl. Advisor

Marines Maritimes Security Forces


Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants

Maritime Asset Security & Training 

Maritime Defence Force

Maritime Defence Intl.

Maritime Executive Solutions

Maritime Guard Group, including its subsidiary: Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre

Maritime Integrated Services

Maritime Response Service 

Maritime Risk Intl.

Maritime Risk Solutions

Maritime Safety & Security 

Maritime Security at Open Seas 

Maritime Security Company "Albatross" 

Maritime Security Protection Services (MSPS)

Maritime Security Services

Maritime Security Solutions Global 

Maritime Security Solutions 

Maritime Solutions for Vessel Security

Maritime SVS  

Marrow Alert Security Intelligence

Marsec Intl.

Marshield Maritime Security Consultants 


McGorian Group

Meridian Global Consulting 

Mesopotamian Eagles Company for Security Services & General Safeguarding 

Middle East Security

Minimal Risk Consultancy 

Mintz Intl. Security Agency

Miris Intl.

MNG Maritime

MODA Global 

Moran Security Group


MS Risk 

MSS Maritime Security Solutions 

Munin Consult

Mustang Security Services 

Myrmidon Maritime Security


Nautilus MSS

Naval One

NavSec Intl.

Navigare Security

Near East Security Services

Nearchos Mare Guard 

NEK Advanced Securities Group

Nella Global Solutions

Nemesis Security 

Neptune Consult

Neptune Maritime Security

Newport Africa 

Nexus Consulting Group

Night Bird Security

Njord Security 

Nordic Risk Management

North Eastern Arms Group 

NSI Defense

NYA Intl.

Obelisk, Intl.

OBS24 Security 

Ocean Marshalls 

Ocean Protection Services

Ocean Security Guards 

OceanBlue Risk Management

Oceanic Maritime Organisation

Odyssey Marine Services

Offshore Marine Security 

OGM Intl.

Oil Gas Maritime Int Suisse SAGL

Olive Group


Omega Consulting

Omega Intl. Associates 

Omer Razzaq Enterprises 

Omni Assist 


OPSEC Operational Security Intl.

OPTIMA Defence & Security 

Optimal Risk Management 

Orcas Security Associates 

Orchid Maritime

Origin Security Group 

Orion Nautical Risk Solutions 

OSG Operational Security Group

OSI Maritime Sicherheit

Osprey Maritime Security 

Osprey Security Services (Sierra Leone) 

Overseas Maritime Security Squads

Overseas Security & Strategic Information

Oxberry Risk Strategies

Page Group


Parabellum Intl.

Pax Mondial 

PGS Group

Phoenix Maritime Protection

Phoenix Security Service 

Pioneer Risk

Pilgrims Group 

Pilgrims Security

Pioneer Protective Services Group

Plexus Consultancy 

Polar Security Intl.

Port 2 Port Maritime Security

Poseidon Maritime Security

POSEIDON Maritime Security & Services 

Praetorian Intl. Consultancy

Premier Security Services 

Presidia Security Consulting

Private Security Service (P.S.S.)


Pro-Intell security solutions

Professional Bodyguard Association

Prorisk Intl.

Protea Coin Group 

Prote.a.s. Maritime

Protection Vessels Intl.

Proteus Maritime Security 

PSL Maritime

QCC Interscan

QPO Maritime Security 



Radnor Training & Security 


Ramora Global 

Raven Intl. Security Academy

Red Flag Intl. Group

REDfour Security Group

RedLine Security 

Redseal Global

Reed Intl.

REE Training 

Regal Maritime Solutions

Rehman Security Systems 

Reliance Protection Group 

Remote Trauma

Result Group Global Risk & Crisis Management



Risk & Strategic Management Consulting

Risk Defense & Safety

Risk Management Initiatives 

Risk Protection Group Glamax 


RJA Gibraltar


Ronin Concepts Security Elite 

Roumino Shipping 


S.E.A. Security

S.T.A.M. Malta 

S.T.A.M. Soluzioni Terrestri Aeree Marittime

Sabre Intl.

Safe Seas Consult

Safenet North America 

Safenet Security Services 

Saint Security Consultants 

Saladin Security

Salama Fikira Intl.

Salamanca Risk Management

Salarzai Security Company

Sallyport Global Services

Salvus Maritime Security 

Samson Intl.

Samson Ops

Sanari Nwe

Sandor Consultancy Services 

Sans Peur Maritime Security

Saracen Intl.

Saracen Uganda

SAT Team

Scandinavian Risk Solutions

Schutz Swart Intl.

Scimitar Security 

SCN Resources Group

Sea Guardian 

Sea Hawk Maritime Risk Management

Sea Marshals 

Sea Nemesis Security

Sea Rangers Maritime Security Services

Seacuriteam Group

SeaGuard Security

Seagull Maritime Security

Seahorse Intl. Security Solutions 

Seal SAT

Seal Solutions & Maritime Operations

Sealed by the Seals . Security & Survival Services 



Security & Protection Consulting (SEC.PRO)

Secure a Ship

Secure Shipping

Secure Risks Pakistan 

Secure Waters Security Group


Securewest Intl.


SecuriSohlen Maritime Private Security 


Security & Management Services 

Security & Risk Solutions 

Security & Safety Services

Security Organizing System Pakistan 

Security Overseas Services

Security Services (Maritime) 

Security Services Group



Semper Veritas Maritime Security Solutions

Senaca Canada

Senaca Group

Sentinel International P

Seraph Protection Group 

Seven Sails Shipping & Maritime 


Shadow S.e.a Marshalls

Shadow Security Solutions


Shezada Security Services 


Shield Hawk Maritime Security

Shield International Security 

Shield Risk Consulting

Shield Risk Management 

Ship Security Intl.

Shooting Training Solutions

Shore & Offshore Security Group

Signal Marine Security

Sinbad Navigation

Sinoguards Marine Security

Sirco Investigation & Protection

Skye Maritime 

Slavonic Corps




Solace Global Maritime

Sovereign Global Solutions

Space Coast Tactical


Spartent Global Solutions

Spearfish Maritime Security

Specialist Security Services & Solutions Intl.

Special Operations 

Special Medics & Tactics (SMAT)

Special Projects & Services 

Special Projects Group Maritime Security Consultancy

Special Response Intl.

Specialized Global Services 


SpesOps Intl.

Spirit Security Services

Spitfire Global 

SRM Maritime Services

SSA Marine

SSG Specialist Maritime Services 

Stallion Security 

Stent Intl.

Strategic Maritime Solutions

Stonehill Global

STS Security


Switchblade Intl.

Syanic Maritime Security

TAfAZ Security

TacForce Intl.

Tactical Intelligence Intl.

Tactical Solutions Intl.

Tactical Synergy Maritime Defensive Security Operations

Talos Maritime 

Target Maritime Security

Team Fusion

Technaktor Maritime Security

Tecnodef ltd Group


Tellus Associates 

Temi Group

Templar Titan

Thai Maritime Solutions 

The ANVIL Group

The Centurion Group

The Flying Dutchman Security Group

The Group FSG

The Group NLD 

The Inkerman Group

The Organization for Security & Special Investigations


The VMI Group

Thorburn Security Solutions

Threat Management Group

Tier One Holdings, including its subsidiary: Tier One Maritime & Tier One (Tanzania) 


Titan Risk Control


Titanium Security Intl.

TOR Intl.

TorchStone Page

Training Continuum

Transafe Maritime

Triaena Maritime Security

Trident Group 

Trident Operations 

Triple Canopy

Trisec Services

Triskelion Alliance

Triskel Services 

Triton Global Services 

Triton Intl.

Triton Risk MSS 

Trojan Global Protection

Tumas Security Consulting & Research

Tundra Strategies, including its subsidiary: Tundra MDS (Maritime Defense Services)

Twenty Committee Risk Management

Uber Intelligence Group 


Ubique Risk Management

United Guards Services 

United Marine Security

Unity Resources Group

Unity SPS

Universal Eagles for Security Services 

Universal Gurkha Security Services

Universal Maritime Solutions 

V Group Security 


Valour Security

Vega Strategic Services

Venture Risk Management

Veritas Intl. Consultancy 

Vesper Group 

VestGuard UK

Veterans Security Services 

Vital Security 

Voyaco Risk 

VSC Security Solutions

Watchwood Resources 

Wells Fargo 

Wilkins & Glynn


Wackenhut Pakistan

WidePath Protection 

Workflow Engineering 

Worldwide Response

Yemen-Singapore Security Services

Zeal Global Maritime Solutions

Zero 1 Global Security Services

Zeus Maritime Security Services

ZIMS Security

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