Construction is well-known to be a high-risk sector for labour violations, particularly for vulnerable groups like temporary migrant workers. Our 2018 human rights primer for construction companies outlines the risks to migrant workers in Qatar and the UAE and the steps companies should take to address abuses in the sector.

In view of changing labour laws in Qatar and the UAE and shifting industry trends to promote worker welfare, we asked 49 companies with operations in Qatar and the UAE to complete an updated survey on the actions they are taking to protect migrant workers on their projects and assess improvements in the sector since 2016.

Only 14 of the companies responded with information on the actions they are taking to protect workers' rights. This database lets you explore and compare companies' responses and identify non-respondents. For an analysis of company action and recommendations for companies, clients and governments, click here.

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A Human Rights Primer for Business

Our 2018 briefing "Understanding Risks to Construction Workers in the Middle East" informs companies of the key human rights risks in the UAE, Qatar, Lebanon and Jordan and the steps they should take to address abuses in the sector.


Industry Commitments

Industry coalition of six construction & engineering companies launches Worker Welfare Principles to serve as global standard for the sector on workers' rights.


Gulf Construction Tracker

Monitoring the ongoing award of construction contracts throughout the Gulf, in partnership with NYU Stern Center for Business & Human Rights and Humanity United.