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25 January 2016

Towards a New Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Author: Olivier De Schutter, Business and Human Rights Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1

This article examines the legal as well as political feasibility of four potential options for a legally-binding international instrument in the area of business and human rights. The four options that the...group may wish to consider...are: (i) to...

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8 October 2015

Namibia: Rössing contract workers petition the company over alleged exploitation, rights abuses

Author: Adam Hartman, Namibian

'Rössing contract workers feel exploited and abused', 9 Oct 2015: [Workers at] Rössing Uranium [part of Rio Tinto] [in a petition to management stated that they]...are “being exploited for cheap labour”, alleging that one permanent employee's salary...

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15 November 2012

[PDF] Mining conflicts around the world. Common grounds from an Environmental Justice perspective

Author: EJOLT

This report aims at exploring contemporary mining conflicts in the context of the sustainable development and environmental justice...[T]he project and type of conflict are characterized in a nutshell, with some basic factual background that describe...

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22 March 2011

Little profit for African countries from uranium mining

Author: Albert ten Kate & Joseph Wilde-Ramsing, pub. by SOMO / WISE (World Information Service on Energy)

The report Radioactive Revenues analyses the financial aspects of uranium mining in the main African uranium producing countries – Namibia, Niger, Malawi and South Africa – and examines the activities of the four largest multinational uranium mining...

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2 November 2010

[video] Namibian mining sparks environmental concerns

Author: ABC News

[includes comments by Rio Tinto representative]

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Company response
17 June 2009

Response by Rössing Uranium: NGO report says uranium workers at Rössing Uranium / Rio Tinto mine exposed to health risks.

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9 June 2009

[DOC] [Rössing Uranium response to health concerns raised in LaRRI report - Namibia]

Author: Rossing Uranium (part of Rio Tinto)

The report conveniently ignores the material facts that Rio Tinto and Rössing Uranium have always placed the highest priority on health and safety, using both local and international standards. Over the years, Rössing has been recognized by independent...

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12 May 2009

Uranium workers Namibia unaware of severe health risks

Author: SOMO, Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations

Uranium workers in Namibia still fear for their health and lifestyle due to the environmental impact of uranium mining while concessions for mine companies continue to be granted by the government...The research was conducted into the environmental,...

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30 April 2009

[PDF] Memorandum to The Joint Committee on Human Rights - Inquiry on Business and Human Rights [UK]

Author: Leigh, Day & Co Solicitors

This paper addresses the...1. Application of the Human Rights Act to businesses to which public functions have been contracted out by public authorities. 2. Effectiveness of judicial mechanisms for holding UK business to account for human rights...

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1 February 2009

Namibia: NGO report says uranium workers at Rossing Uranium / Rio Tinto mine exposed to health risks

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