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16 January 2020
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Author: Juliane Kippenberg et Komala Ramachandra, Human Rights Watch

« Un élan dynamique vers une responsabilité accrue des entreprises », janvier 2020...

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15 January 2020

Holding Companies to Account: Momentum Builds for Corporate Human Rights Duties

Author: Juliane Kippenberg & Komala Ramachandra, Human Rights Watch

In 2020, you should be watching for... a growing trend of national legislatures requiring companies to live up to their responsibilities to workers, communities, and the environment....

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14 January 2020
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Author: Juliane Kippenberg & Komala Ramachandra, Human Rights Watch

Im Neuen Jahr sollten Sie besonders auf eine wichtige Entwicklung achten: In immer mehr Ländern könnte es nationale Gesetze geben, die die Verantwortung von Unternehmen gegenüber Arbeitern, Gemeinden und der Umwelt einfordern....

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17 December 2019

Keynote address by John Ruggie at Shift & EU conference

Author: John Ruggie

"Keynote Address by John Ruggie at the Conference 'Business & Human Rights: Towards a Common Agenda for Action'", 2 December 2019...

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2 December 2019

Finnish EU Council Presidency puts forward action agenda on BHR, acknowledging need for EU due diligence regulation

At the occasion of a Business and Human Rights conference in Brussels on 2 December 2019, the Finnish EU Council Presidency put forward an "Agenda for Action on Business and Human Rights" with more than 20 proposals for measures in the fields of public...

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25 November 2019

New discussion paper on mandatory human rights due diligence - includes perspectives from business, government and civil society

Author: Shift

"Let's talk mandatory measures", Fall 2019 [M]andatory measures have not been a central part of the mix considered by states in the initial years of UNGPs implementation... That is now changing, particularly in Europe. A growing number of states are...

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8 November 2019

Study analyses human rights performance of 50 largest Finnish companies using CHRB Core Indicators

Author: 3bility Consulting, FIANT Consulting Oy

November 2019...

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7 October 2019

Finland: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment publishes call for tender for study on options for national human rights due diligence law

Author: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

[press release only available in Finnish, the final study to be published in Finnish and English]...

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26 September 2019

Commentary: Joint statement on rights in cyberspace does not adequately ensure protections for rights to expression & privacy

Author: Rebecca Mackinnon, Ranking Digital Rights

"What should governments do?", 26 September 2019...

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5 September 2019

Honduras: School of the Americas Watch’s report documents critical information on the responsibility of Roberto Castillo in corruption and violence, including Berta Cáceres’ murder

Author: DPLF; GHRC; International Platform Against Impunity; Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation

“Violence, Corruption & Impunity in the Honduran Energy Industry: A profile of Roberto David Castillo Mejía”, August 2019...

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