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21 February 2020

UK: post-Brexit immigration rules could fuel modern slavery

Author: Lisa O’Carroll, the Guardian

“The proposed closure of UK borders to low-skilled workers after Brexit risks driving vulnerable EU citizens into modern slavery, charities have said.”...

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10 February 2020

Kenya: 4 Chinese Chez Wou Restaurant employees arrested over caning of a local worker for allegedly being late to work

Author: Joel Odidi, The EastAfrican (Kenya)

"4 Chinese arrested in Nairobi over caning of a Kenyan worker"...

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14 January 2020

USA: Franchise workers to struggle to file lawsuits against parent company over labour abuse under new law

Author: Noam Scheiber, New York Times (USA)

"Labor Dept. Rule to Curb Lawsuits by Franchise Workers", 12 Jan 2020...

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8 January 2020
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Author: La izquierdadiario

“Histórico: en Chile trabajadores de McDonald’s y Burger King fundan sindicato unificado”- 18 de diciembre de 2019...

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Company response
7 January 2020

Starbucks' response to B grade in gun safety scorecard

Author: Starbucks

More information on this can be found in a 2013 letter from Howard Schultz, here....

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3 January 2020

Kenya: Lack of state-supported human trafficking victims support services hampering perpetrator accountability

Prosecution of perpetrators of human trafficking in Kenya is often hampered by lack of state-provided victim support services such as aftercare shelter and counselling services. This has seen prosecutorial agencies rely on non-governmental...

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17 December 2019
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Author: Roberto Almeida, Instituto Sociambiental-ISA (Brazil)

“Contra o garimpo, Yanomami e Ye'kwana lançam chocolate com cacau nativo da Amazônia”, 11 de dezembro de 2019 O grito "Fora Garimpo!" que ecoa contra a invasão de 20 mil garimpeiros na Terra Indígena Yanomami ganhou o reforço de um produto único, capa...

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12 December 2019

New Zealand: Ex-employees file sexual harassment claims against KFC & Pizza Hut following failures to address rape & harassment

Author: Alison Mau, Stuff

"KFC, Pizza Hut forced to apologise over handling of staff rape and harassment cases", 8 December 2019...

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6 December 2019

USA: Starbucks workers demand action to address 'discriminatory practices' & laws mandating consistent schedules

Author: Juliana Feliciano Reyes, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"These Philly baristas are taking on Starbucks in a fledgling worker movement", 2 December 2019...

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27 November 2019

New Zealand: McDonald's could pay at least $29 million in miscalculated wages to workers

Author: Jessie Yeung, CNN Business

"McDonald's could return $29 million to New Zealand workers after holiday pay error", 19 November 2019...

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