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3 February 2020

Canada: Consumers file class action lawsuit against Hershey for misleading claims made regarding child labour in their supply chains

Author: Business Vancouver

"Class action claims Hershey products sold in Canada tainted by ‘worst forms of child labour," 31 Jan 2020...

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13 December 2019

Lawyers launch complaint against BP over 'misleading' ad on its commitment to a low carbon future

Author: Sandra Laville, The Guardian

"Lawyers lodge complaint over BP's 'misleading' ad campaign’", 4 Dec 2019...

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6 September 2019

British backpack inventor said his Facebook ads banned in Hong Kong for using the word "revolutionary"

Author: Ian Young, South China Morning Post

“He tried to sell ‘revolutionary’ backpacks in Hong Kong. Facebook’s response left him ‘gobsmacked’”, 5 September 2019...

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21 May 2019

Hong Kong: MTR Corp. and Airport Authority reverse ban on Cathay Pacific's same-sex ad amid criticisms

Author: Danny Lee, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

“Hong Kong’s Airport Authority joins MTR Corp in reversing ban on Cathay Pacific same-sex ad after LGBT outcry”, 21 May 2019...

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15 April 2019
+ Français - Hide

Author: Rachel Richterich, Le Temps (Suisse)

« Le blues des « durablologues » », 12 avril 2019 ...

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21 March 2019

USA: Facebook to stop allowing discrimination in ads as part of a settlement with civil rights groups & individuals

Author: Jack Gillum & Ariana Tobin, ProPublica

"Facebook Won't Let Employers, Landlords or Lenders Discriminate in Ads Anymore," 19 March 2019...

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11 February 2019

India: Twitter CEO summoned by IT parliamentary panel

Author: Smriti Kak Ramachandran, Hindustan Times, India

"Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey summoned by parliamentary panel on Feb 25, panel refuses to hear other officials", 11 February 2019...

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15 October 2018

UK: Co's may be required to reveal ethnicity pay gap under govt. plans to assess whether mandatory reporting will help minorities at work

Author: BBC News

"Ethnicity pay gap: Firms may be forced to reveal figures", 11 Oct 2018...

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14 October 2018

Kenyans say Chinese investment brings racism and discrimination

Author: Joseph Goldstein, New York Times

…Mr. Ochieng’ found work at a Chinese motorcycle company that had just expanded to Kenya. But then his new boss, a Chinese man his own age, started calling him a monkey…Humiliated and outraged, Mr. Ochieng’ decided to record one of his boss’s rants,...

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11 October 2018

Tech co's agree on self-regulatory standards to help the EU fight online disinformation

A group of tech companies including Google, Facebook and Mozilla have agreed to abide by new standards set out by the European Commission in the battle against the dissemination of fake news across the EU. It is the first time worldwide that industry...

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