Senior Director, Program Strategy and Impact



  • Location: Boston
  • Rolling application

Organization Overview: Verité is a global, non‐profit organization with a mission to ensure that people worldwide work under safe, fair, and legal conditions. Based in Amherst, Massachusetts, Verité is an award-winning pioneer in the social auditing, training, research, and consulting field. Verité works in over 60 countries, collaborating with companies, civil society groups,, governments, workers, and international organizations to promote sustainable workplace practices.

Verité aims to ensure that globalization is made to work for poor and vulnerable people around the world. Verité ensures that powerful institutions, and particularly the private sector, take responsibility for solving human rights problems where goods are made, crops are grown, and services performed. The impact of the organization’s work is tangible: more income for workers; increased opportunities for women, minorities and migrants; protection for children and those in forced labor; safer working conditions in factories, farms, fisheries, construction sites, mines, and other worksites; and empowerment for all workers.

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Position Summary: Verité is seeking an experienced and collaborative Senior Director, Program Strategy and Impact to design, implement, and manage internal program management systems capable of supporting a growing organization. Reporting to Verité’s CEO, the Senior Director, Program Strategy and Impact will be responsible for working collaboratively with Senior Program Directors, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and global offices, partners, and affiliates to lead an organization-wide system of program management across Verité’s diverse and growing program portfolio. Specifically, the Senior Director, Program Strategy and Impact will establish a cohesive and broadly understood internal operational system to effectively coordinate strategic planning, program delivery, impact measurement and evaluation, knowledge-sharing, and quality control mechanisms across all program areas, departments, global offices, partners, and affiliates.

This is a tremendous opportunity for a mission-driven individual to play a key role in strengthening a growing organization’s ability to deliver on its mission across the world.

Position Outcomes: A successful Senior Director, Program Strategy and Impact will: Ensure all program areas and departments set strategic goals, establish impact metrics and methodologies, and communicate effectively across offices, departments, and affiliates worldwide Establish appropriate knowledge-sharing tools and quality control mechanisms organization-wide and support the implementation of best practices Ensure that program areas and departments have the resources they need to effectively approach project staffing, planning, and resource allocation appropriately and strategically Establish a programmatic infrastructure focused not just on action, but on desired outcomes, and, in collaboration with Senior Program Directors, continually maximize program impact and effectiveness by determining if “actions taken” lead to “problems solved” in critical mission areas.