Torex Gold response

Author: Torex Gold Resources, Published on: 1 June 2020

...Our protection of human rights is paramount, and we invite  you to visit our site to see firsthand the values that we hold, and how we apply those values in our approach to relationships with our employees, stakeholders and neighbouring communities.  We are completely transparent in this regard and you are welcome to visit anytime. Our objective is to be a benchmark in the global mining industry when it comes to human rights issues.

With respect to the four individual cases about which you are inquiring, while these individuals have, at some point, had employment relationships with Torex, it would be inaccurate and irresponsible to associate their deaths with human rights violations by the Company. The four certainly died violently; and unfortunately, they are not the only ones that have recently died violently in this region of Guerrero. We presume that these four have been selected because they had a past employment relationship with Torex or with a contractor that worked on our site; however, we can assure you that these were criminal matters that were quite outside of our control...

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