US Deepwater Horizon explosion & oil spill lawsuits - General articles on lawsuits & legal issues

General articles on lawsuits & legal issues

- “BP Oil Spill Lawsuits and Legal Issues”, David Goguen, NOLO, Aug 2010
- “BP Still Faces Probes, Fines”, Guy Chazan, Wall Street Journal, 20 Sep 2010
- “Control of Oil Spill Compensation Fund Shifts to Independent Administrator”, Andrew Restuccia, Washington Independent, 23 Aug 2010
- “Oil Well Is Almost Dead but Legal Wrangling Just Beginning for BP”, Lea Winerman, PBS NewsHour, 17 Aug 2010
- “Criminal probe of oil spill to focus on 3 firms and their ties to regulators”,  Jerry Markon, Washington Post, 28 Jul 2010
- “Legal fallout from Gulf oil spill as massive as the catastrophe itself”, Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times, 28 Jul 2010
- ”BP hit by avalanche of compensation claims over US oil spill”, Andrew Clark, Guardian (UK), 31 May 2010
- “Q&A: Spill lawsuits likely to last for years”, Mary Flood, Houston Chronicle, 14 May 2010