World AIDS Day 2010

Below is a selection of items about companies impacts relating to HIV/AIDS (both positive and negative), issued on the occasion of World AIDS Day 2010 (1 December). For more information, see our sections on HIV/AIDS, Access to medicines and HIV/AIDS discrimination.

Announcements of positive corporate initiatives

  • Australia "Designers help cause" [re: Erickson Beamon, Chelsea De Luca, Sacha Drake, Daniel Lightfoot, George Wu]

Commentary on corporate responsibility with respect to HIV/AIDS

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Related stories and components

27 December 2010

Drug trials undertaken in India and the reporting of medical trials

Author: ABC [Austrailia]

Australians don't realise that many of the medications they'll be consuming in the future will have been trialled in India. The reasons drug companies are going there are that it's cheap and ethical controls are weak or non-existent. Indian researchers...

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29 November 2010

TCI organizes Trucker’s Utsav to mark World AIDS Day [India]

Author: Infoline News Service [India]

TCI Foundation (TCIF), the social arm of Transport Corporation of India Ltd organised a “Trucker’s Utsav”… an infotainment event…[as part of a broader project to] arrest the spread of AIDS amongst the trucking community...D P Agarwal, Vice Chairman ...

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25 November 2010

Making AIDS Drugs Affordable Here and Abroad

Author: PBS NewsHour

...[C.] Samuel is leading Gilead's global access program, an innovative tiered pricing scheme that sells drugs at full price in developed countries, 70 percent to 90 percent less in middle-income countries like Brazil, and at no profit in the poorest...

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