World Water Day and related events 2009

22 March 2009 is World Water Day.  In the preceding week the World Water Forum (16-22 March) and the Alternative Water Forum (20-22 March) are being held in Istanbul.  Below is a range of related material focusing on private sector dimensions.

- “PepsiCo adopts policy human right to water policy”, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, 30 Mar 2009


- "Privatising water is denying people a human right: UN President", Bobby Ramakant, Citizen News Service, 20 Mar 2009 


- “World Water Forum is All About Commercialising Water”, interview with water rights activist Tahir Öngür, Bıa news centre (Turkey), 17 Mar 2009

- "World Water Forum Starts with a Bang: Activists Challenge Corporate Hypocrisy", Mark Hays, Corporate Accountability International, 16 Mar 2009

- "IBM Unveils Global Innovation Outlook on Water", IBM, 16 Mar 2009

- "Preparing for Water Quarrels, if not Wars", Hilmi Toros, Inter Press Service, 15 Mar 2009

- "Chilean Town Withers in Free Market for Water", Alexei Barrionuevo, New York Times, 14 Mar 2009

- "New report highlights crucial role of water in development", UNESCO, 12 Mar 2009
      - "The United Nations World Water Development Report 3 - Water in a Changing World", 2009

- "Secretary-General, in message for World observance, underscores potential of water as unifying force rather than catalyst for conflict", UN, 11 Mar 2009.  Urges "Governments, civil society, the private recognize that our collective future depends on how we manage our precious and finite water resources."

- "Global Release: Water disclosure 2.0", UN Global Compact and Pacific Institute, 11 Mar 2009

- "CEO Water Mandate: Independent review of 2008 Programme of Activities" [PDF], Arthur D Little, 11 Mar 2009

- "Coalition urges UN to stop providing cover for life-threatening privatization of water", Polaris Institute, 11 Mar 2009
      - Letter from 118 organizations to Ban Ki-Moon calling on him to withdraw support for CEO Water Mandate [PDF]

- "Multinationals control the agenda at World Water Forum", Water Justice, Mar 2009

- "Water, Energy and Climate Change: A contribution from the business community" [PDF], World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Mar 2009


Earlier relevant report: "Draft report: Business, Human Rights & the Right to Water - Challenges, Dilemmas & Opportunities - Roundtable Consultative Report" [PDF], Institute for Human Rights & Business, Jan 2009

Further materials are in the Access to water section of our site.